James Gunn’s Farewell To Retiring Disney Imagineer Behind Guardians Of The Galaxy Disneyland Ride Will Give You All The Feels

Walt Disney Imagineering is one of the most remarkable organizations in the world. They create the attractions for Disney theme parks all over the world and the work they do is almost always impressive, causing guests to continually wonder how they accomplish all these amazing rides and experiences. For most people, the men and women behind the attractions are anonymous. However, if there is one Imagineer who is more recognizable than others, it’s Joe Rohde. Rohde, and his iconic dangling earrings, is certainly more physically recognizable, but he’s also credited with some of Disney’s greatest modern parks and attractions. And so the company is losing a lot of experience, as Rohde announced his retirement this week.

Of the many things Joe Rohde did in his time at Walt Disney Imagineering, one was the redesign of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disney California Adventure into Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout. In working on that attraction Rohde worked alongside Guardians of the Galaxy film director James Gunn, and Gunn took the opportunity of Rohde’s retirement to praise the man and his imagination, and wish him luck in his new future. [Read More]

Source: CinemaBlend.com